The UR-Exklusiv-Club offers you already now and in the future many advantages. The membership is free of charge and offers you, in cooperation with various concessionaires, top prices for selected brands and products. You will receive special voucher codes that give you a direct deduction of the discount in your shopping cart. This is a long and exclusively negotiated agreement especially for my club members. IT'S WON!

However, for brands not covered by the club discount, there is also an exclusive solution. For years I have maintained many contacts in the watch industry, naturally also to concessionaires. The pricing policy of the major brands generally prohibits open advertising with price discounts. Some concessionaires would also like to grant no or only few discounts. There are also many of you who are reluctant to ask for a discount. This is where I come in. I negotiate without obligation, with my watch guide top-price service, a top price for your dream watch. All you have to do is to fill in a form with the make, model and reference number and I will use my contacts to negotiate an excellent price for you. 

IMPORTANT: I only arrange contact with official concessionaires. So you don't get grey market goods where you might end up with problems with warranty and service. 

How does that sound to you?

In the future I would like to expand the club offer successively.

Here you can join the club for free.