Rock-hard Ocean Two – refined

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Refined Watch – Only available with me

Delivery time: Will be specially made by the master watchmaker: 12-15 working days

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This watch is new and is usually available immediately. However, depending on the order receipt, it may be that the watch is ordered and refined separately. Here comes a short delay of a few days.

The ocean two is a great watch and the 18-carat gold-plated bezel lifts its appearance to a new level. Due to this I have bought the watch a brand new ElCid Calamar rubber Bench (€89) with folding clasp.

Here is the clock in the video presentation:

The clock is 44mm in diameter and thus has an ideal size.

The watch is brand new and was only unpacked for gilding.

High-quality 24-or 18-carat genuine gilding

For years I have specialized in the finishing of luxury watches. In a process technology developed by me over the years, I have succeeded in applying a particularly durable layer to the stainless steels of the watch casing and bezels.

Overall, the gilding of a watch differs considerably from those of normal workpieces, as the bezel, as a rule, has to be lifted with special tools. With a complete housing gilding, it is necessary not only to lift the bezel, but also to completely peel off the work. This requires a specialist knowledge that the few, normal gilders, such as jewellers, have.

Without the shelling, however, a reasonable gilding in an electroplating plant is not possible, especially since parts such as gaskets etc. could be damaged.

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Weight 11 kg

2 Bewertungen für Rock-hard Ocean Two – refined

  1. serious.k

    The watch is the absolute hammer, an absolute eye-catcher at the hand, and the quality is top.

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  2. Thomas Brüning

    The clock is even more beautiful live than on the pictures. But this watch gets a special touch with the ElCid bracelet. I am very satisfied.

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