Rock Hard Ocean one GMT – tricolor


Refined watch (only available to me)

Delivery time: Will be specially made by the master watchmaker: 12-15 working days

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This watch is new and is usually available immediately. However, depending on the order receipt, it may be that the watch is ordered and refined separately. Here comes a short delay of a few days.

Rock-hard Ocean one GMT – visually an absolute force: tricolor bezel with blue-red inlay and 24-carat rosévergoldeter bezel. Suitable for this is the high-quality ElCid Conquistator Nubuklederband (costs individually €99).

I think to rock-hard GMT there is no more to say: 42mm diameter, ETA automatic movement with GMT function, sapphire glass etc.

The watch is brand new!

High-quality 24-or 18-carat genuine gilding

For years I have specialized in the finishing of luxury watches. In a process technology developed by me over the years, I have succeeded in applying a particularly durable layer to the stainless steels of the watch casing and bezels.

Overall, the gilding of a watch differs considerably from those of normal workpieces, as the bezel, as a rule, has to be lifted with special tools. With a complete housing gilding, it is necessary not only to lift the bezel, but also to completely peel off the work. This requires a specialist knowledge that the few, normal gilders, such as jewellers, have.

Without the shelling, however, a reasonable gilding in an electroplating plant is not possible, especially since parts such as gaskets etc. could be damaged.

Here are some background information about the bracelet:

In the Deep south of Spain, in Andalusia, one still understands itself today in masterful leather processing, whose tradition was first marked by the conquest of Spain by the Romans and later masterfully perfected by the knowledge of the Arabs. Large fashion brands produce their highest quality bags, Gelbörsen, belts and much more: leather goods which are partly in trade beyond the €1000 cost.

Under the brand name "ElCid" (El Cid was a legendary Spanish knight) I leave in the highest craftsmanship my watch bracelets, according to my special requirements and wishes, finished. Thanks to my many years of experience in luxury watches, I have created bracelets that do nothing to the noble timepieces.

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