Buy used Watches

Buy used watches...

... is a matter of trust, especially for luxury watches! After all, my customers invest a lot of money in their Wunschuhr. Brand watches from Breitling, Omega, Rolex and Co. usually cost several thousand euros. Whoever buys the wrong one here loses his investment. I am aware of this responsibility in the selection of my used watches never at the cheapest price, but at the best watch. Of 100 offers of used clocks, which I look at, I actually buy only one or two watches on average. For this reason, I do not have a range with hundreds of watches as other retailers have, unfortunately often only the profit counts.  I only offer my customers meticulously selected timepieces that I have chosen with the best of my knowledge and conscience. So if you buy one of my watches, you can be sure to get a used watch in a top condition. For me, the sale of watches is a trusting passion behind which I fully stand by my name – you have my word for it.

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